P000 牛欄坑老欉水仙【老水牛】 Liulangkeng Laochon

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牛欄坑:武夷山正岩區內最頂級山場 老欉:60歲以上樹齡水仙 乾茶:烏溜的條索間有墨綠色乾葉,低火慢炖的工藝 岩骨:傳統的礦物、苔木味 花香:香氣馥郁,濃厚豐富有層次,果香、花香、蜜香、堅果香相互夾疊 茶湯:色澤金黃透亮,醇厚滑喉,內含物豐富。 茶湯甜而暖胃、略有茶氣,愉悅感是相當高 Liulankeng: the prime field for planting rock tea in Wuyi mountains Laocong: The old Shui Hsien tree with age above 60 years Three major factors contribute to the quality of wuyi rocktea are tea making skill, tea tree quality and its planting location. Liulankeng is called to be "almost the best location" for the tea planting there has fabulous aroma. This old Shui Hsien tree which aged 60 to 80 years brings mineral and woody flavor in the golden and smooth liquor. Aroma is so impressive for its complexity. Base note is peach and floral, on top are honey sweet and nuts smells. Tea Note: Liulangkeng is the prime field for Wuyishan rock tea. Key characteristic of the tea from this area is the strongest and appealing fragrance. Laochon means the aged tree of Shui Xian. Well balanced charcoal-floral sweet aroma is appealing and long last. It stays and increases in full mouth as sip after sip. Infusion is delicate, mellow with slight mineral taste. Origin: Fujian, China Net weight: 8g per small pack

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