TA000 Portable tea tin | 便携茶葉小罐

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Made with stainless steel Chinese traditional engraving pattern decorated Colour: Brown, Gold, Red Size: 45mm diameter x 65mm height Volume: 70ml Store loose tea up to 8 to 10g, for tightly knotted tea such as Tieguanyin can be up to 15 to 20g. 特色:傳統中式雕花圖紋,雙瓶蓋設計 物料:不銹鋼,方便清潔,精美耐用,不易生銹破損 顏色:金、紅、棕 尺寸:45mm 直徑 x 65mm 高度 容量:約70毫升,可藏 散狀茶葉約8至10克 顆狀茶葉約15至20克

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