TW00 白瓷貼花蓋碗 Ceramic Libbed Cup

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仿故宮花紋圖案,配葫蘆吉祥標記,配上景德鎮的製瓷工藝,是這蓋碗 (三才碗) 的特色。美工設計,喻意康泰吉祥,特顯古雅宮庭風格,貴氣大方,低調優雅。  蓋碗尺寸:高度11.6cm 寬度9.8cm 容量200ml 單杯尺寸:高度4.5cm 口徑6cm 容量60ml This simply elegant porcelain gaiwan is from Jingdezhen, with pattern which is inspired by the Ancient Imperial Palace of Beijing, whereas the small drop-shaped icon is a graphical word meaning "healthy and good luck". Size of Gaiwan:Height 11.6cm, Diameter 9.8cm, Volume 200ml Size of Cup:Height 4.5cm, Diameter 6cm, Volume 60ml ——————————————————— A gaiwan (lidded cup) is used for the infusion of tea leaves and the consumption of tea which is classy and was invented during Ming dynasty for the upper class and imperial families. It consists 3 parts of a bowl, a lid, and a saucer respresenting the harmony among heaven, earth & human being, so it has another name “three talents bowl”. While 3 is a lucky number in Chinese culture implying “Life”, “Living”, “Energetic” and “Prosperous”, the 3 talents bowl plus 3 types of tea gifts, 3 x 3 made the blessings long lasting.

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